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Exterior Construction


Home ownership delivers pride to the homeowner and the exterior should be a reflection of that homeowner pride. Exterior construction is any repair or installation that happens on the outside of your home.

It is wise to invest in exterior construction projects because it offers curb appeal that beautifies the neighborhood and it is inviting to all who pass your home.



S&S Property Preservation offers siding installation and replacement services. Siding is there to protect your home from the weather elements. Choosing the right material can also increase the curb appeal of your home and energy efficiency. There are many siding options available like vinyl, wood, metal, hard plank, as well as, brick and stone siding. During our initial consultation, we can review which material is best for your home and your budget.

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S&S Property Preservation is proud to provide quality workmanship in painting the exterior of your home. We will utilize the best products, practices, and procedures to deliver weather-fade resistance, dynamic gutters and shutters, and bold finishes.

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Repair or Replace?

Many homeowners become frustrated when they have to decide to repair or replace their siding.

So, the real question is how can you tell when your siding needs to be replaced?

Most siding is designed to last up to or over a decade. You can tell when siding needs to be replaced because you have to work harder to make it look appealing and your home can lose its energy efficiency.

S&S Property Preservation has the experience to assess the condition of your siding. We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship with honesty and integrity, so we will give you our honest opinion of the status of your roofing and siding, and help you decide if it is time to repair or replace.

Indicators that can help to determine if your siding on your home:

  • Dry rot
  • Constant need to repaint the siding--due to peeling, cracking, or chipping
  • Warped or rotting siding
  • Loss of energy efficiency by having increased heating and cooling bills
  • Large sections of loose or cracked siding
  • Curling/loose wallpaper or peeling paint--due to moisture behind the walls
  • Mildew or Mold--due moisture getting behind the siding
  • Bubbles in the siding can show that water is trapped behind the siding.
  • Severe fading can show that the weatherproofing has expired on the siding.